I have chosen as an example of my work, taken from the same family garden project in Madrid, a résumé plan for the Mediterranean type vegetation which covers the plot except for some areas near the house and pool. It consists of an inventory of all the plants proposed for these areas of the garden of a rustic, indigenous aspect. They are all identified by their Latin and common names, with details of the number of plants needed to facilitate sourcing and buying the right number of plants.

Each plant chosen for the garden has been given a number which refers to its name and photograph making it easy to locate on all the plans of the project.

On this plan you will also find the drawings which show the approximate height of the trees chosen, of the plants which make up the free standing bushes around the perimeter and other significant specimens, such as the young palm trees which are suitable for those areas exposed to cold winters, planted in the garden. >

Paisajísmo Plano Parcela