José Manuel Corujo Vergara. Seville 1965.


Garden design and execution.


I started out in the world of landscaping in Malaga, over a decade ago, designing gardens for relatives. Later on, but without abandoning garden design as my main activity, I had the chance to work in several well-known landscape studios, working on large-scale national and international projects. Some of my most important works were for hotel groups in Murcia and Tarragona and, in particular, my participation in the project for the Botanical Garden in Oman.

The drawings I have included here are of the gardens I designed, at the start of my career, in Gaucín, Málaga, of clearly Hispanic-Arab inspiration. The formal design of this garden is based on two visual axes which run perpendicular to each other but which then cross at the central fountain which is adorned with plant pots. The distribution of the vegetation, in particular the trees, reinforces the presence of these axes. The fountains, the sunken arches in the walls, and the careful layout of the beaten earth pathways with marble features are particularly significant. Above are two drawings of the layout of the plants and trees. On the left, details of the octagonal fountain located at the entrance to the house. >