Paisajísmo Jardinería

Each garden project requires a different and unique solution. The features of the plot, the architecture, the climate, the client’s requirements, the future use of the garden, budgetary considerations…, are factors which are studied in depth so that my final proposal is the most appropriate one.

The elevation above refers to a project for a garden in Madrid with a surface area of 10.000 sq.mts. The owners wanted a natural looking garden, to appear to be a sort of undergrowth to the splendid trees which covered the area.

I chose a variety of bushes native to the Mediterranean, for their discreet beauty, compact growth and adaptability to the climate, planting them in large groups following an organic layout underneath the pine trees. I took special care to not modify the environment around each holm oak, maintaining the original levels and features of the land around them, respecting their radial systems and avoiding putting plants or irrigation systems nearby, to ensure their survival and future development. For those areas with few trees, I chose indigenous species, amongst which are cork trees, Quercus suber, planted in two groups behind the house. All of this gave the impression of an untamed and natural garden with low water consumption and easy upkeep. Only in certain areas, near the house and the pool, did I resort to non-indigenous, ornamental plants which would have been difficult to situate in other parts of the garden. >