Servicio paisajímo - Reunión Inicial


- Complete design for gardens created from scratch, of all styles and sizes. Also, for already established gardens, projects for improvements, extensions, modifications and restoration.

- Customer advisory services with help in finding and choosing contractor/s who will carry out the work, installation of irrigation and lighting conduits, supply of plants and their planting.

- Follow up at all the stages of execution of the garden, with all the visits needed to ensure that everything is being carried out according to the project.

First meeting:

The start of any landscaping work must begin with a meeting with the future client, at the actual plot where the project is to be carried out. An initial recording of relevant data and sketches are carried out in situ, beginning with a draft ground plan giving the main dimensions of the plot, its geographical aspect, the position of the building, the main access routes and pathways, the different areas the garden can be divided into… This is the moment to ask the client what kind of garden he wants, the style, the use he intends to make of it in the future and the amount he has budgeted for.

We must take note of how the orography of the plot can be adapted to the projected garden, assess any need for landscaping. We must also see if we will need extra soil for planting, checking the quality of the soil of the plot.

As regards plants, we shall recommend those most suited to the climate, aspect and quality of the soil and water of the area, proposing any equipment needed to ensure the most efficient irrigation.

All of the future client’s indications, taking into account all the factors which condition the project and a study of all the data gathered on this first visit, will allow us to evaluate the magnitude of the work to be carried out and to draw up an estimate of fees covering the design and follow up of the work to be carried out on the future garden. >