Servicio paisajímo - Reunión Inicial


- Complete design for gardens created from scratch, of all styles and sizes. Also, for already established gardens, projects for improvements, extensions, modifications and restoration.

- Customer advisory services with help in finding and choosing contractor/s who will carry out the work, installation of irrigation and lighting conduits, supply of plants and their planting.

- Follow up at all the stages of execution of the garden, with all the visits needed to ensure that everything is being carried out according to the project.

Data taking:

Once the client has accepted the proposal, more precise data will have to be taken with detailed measurements which will allow us to draw up a scaled plan of the garden. One or more visits will be needed to collate this information, depending on the size and complexity of the assignment, and also on any additional information the client can provide, such as site and architectural plans. The structure and division into zones of the garden will be conditioned by the access routes to the plot, the position of the building and location of the main doors and windows on the façade, especially those which open out onto the garden. In many cases we will need to have access to topographic plans detailing the differences in ground levels and the position of any elements which will have a bearing on the design of the future garden, such as existing trees on the plot.

A photographic report will also be required, both of the plot and its surroundings. If the client wishes to maintain a view of the surroundings, we can design a garden which is open to the view, including any trees which are in the vicinity in the design of the garden in order to achieve, in this way, a smooth transition between the garden and the surrounding scenery. Groups of trees of bushes can be used to block out any unwanted views or to provide privacy in certain areas of the garden.

A look at the ornamental flora in neighbouring gardens, in particular those less rustic species, is often the best way to determine the climate of the area. It provides the best guide when choosing plants for the garden. >