Servicio paisajímo - Reunión Inicial


- Complete design for gardens created from scratch, of all styles and sizes. Also, for already established gardens, projects for improvements, extensions, modifications and restoration.

- Customer advisory services with help in finding and choosing contractor/s who will carry out the work, installation of irrigation and lighting conduits, supply of plants and their planting.

- Follow up at all the stages of execution of the garden, with all the visits needed to ensure that everything is being carried out according to the project.

Monitoring the project:

After I have completed the garden design, and at the client’s request, I can help with the choice of contractor/s needed to carry out the entire project, from initial landscaping, building of architectural structures or brickwork, locksmith work, carpentry…, irrigation and lighting fittings, to sourcing plants and planting them.

If the client wishes, I can give him the names of those contractors who have worked with me on previous garden designs. This is important in the case of projects involving specific work which requires specialized workmanship, such as expert marble workers to build marble fountains or paving with special layouts, or expert hands to carry out the pebbling or other types of paving of a complicated design and execution, for example.

SueleIt is common practice to ask for estimates from several contractors in order draw up a comparative price table, before finally awarding the work to one contractor. I often go with the client to the garden centres which are going to supply the plants to check with them the quality, especially in the case of the most significant ones in the garden, such as trees of a specific appearance or palm trees.

NormalmenteNormally, at the client’s request, I follow up all the stages of work being carried out on the garden, to ensure that everything is going according to plan.