Servicio paisajímo - Reunión Inicial


- Complete design for gardens created from scratch, of all styles and sizes. Also, for already established gardens, projects for improvements, extensions, modifications and restoration.

- Customer advisory services with help in finding and choosing contractor/s who will carry out the work, installation of irrigation and lighting conduits, supply of plants and their planting.

- Follow up at all the stages of execution of the garden, with all the visits needed to ensure that everything is being carried out according to the project.

Preliminary project:

A series of scaled drawings, are carried out to give an idea of the finished aspect of the garden. It is important to get a first general layout without any vegetation, and a second one with the vegetation added, so that the client can get an overall view of the project. In addition, we will draw up any other drawings needed to illustrate, in detail, all the most significant elements, both as regards vegetation and otherwise, which make up the project, to complement the above mentioned general plans.

The overall plan, with vegetation, shows the distribution of all the plants and trees proposed for the garden, assigning to each one a numerical code, which will facilitate their identification on a complete list attached to the same. Photographs will also be provided of the chosen plants so that the client can identify them and get an idea of the criteria and of the image of the groups proposed.

I often include in my projects pencil drawings of various elevations or views which will help give an idea of the future garden.

In this way, we can make any adjustments needed together with the client, before starting work on the final plans of the project to be carried out. >